It's My Life, It's Now or Never

Lately, my adventures have mostly been in my head – and no, I’m not going crazy, though some days my Mr. might say otherwise. I’m dedicating every moment I can to finishing a revision of the novel I started working on more than a year ago. My goal is to make it as good as I can possibly make it before school starts and I return to my teaching job. I need to use the time I have while I have it, so I have intentionally kept my adventures outside the house to a minimum. However, I consider creating characters and a world an adventure worth having, and I’m having a tremendous time doing it.

I have always been a voracious reader and daydreamer. When I was a young girl I wrote some pretty god-awful poetry (“On my Valentine, you wrote ‘Love Always’,” etc.) and some forgettable stories, but I enjoyed doing it. When my children were young and we had our nightly family read-aloud, I continually thought that I could write something that other families would enjoy reading. I started many things, but I never finished anything. I let the busyness of mom-hood, inertia and doubt in my abilities, keep me from doing the things I was interested in. No more! I always said that when I ‘had time,’ I’d finally write, and now, as an empty-nester, I have time. I no longer have any excuses, so I’m doing it, and I’m loving it.

I set up an ‘office’ on my covered back porch and I clock-in to that office every morning with a big cup of coffee, my laptop, and frequently my camera in case I have any visitors - like the blue jay who visited me today (see my header photo). The office is just an old card table I found in our storage building, but I don’t get distracted by my to-do list of cleaning chores when I'm outside, or by the internet, which we’ve never gotten around to boosting to the porch (If you’re like me, one brief internet distraction can turn into an entire afternoon lost). It’s been the perfect solution for me to get as much writing done as possible. Following my dream is the ultimate adventure.

What did you want to do before you became a parent? Is there something that you’ve said, year after year, that when you have time, you’ll finally do? Guess what – now is your time. When our children leave to pursue their educations and careers, to follow their dreams, it’s our turn to do the same. Big or small, whatever your dream deferred is, from travelling to writing, to having perfectly organized closets, becoming an empty-nester is a perfect time to take steps to make your dreams a reality. You finally have time!

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